Ludvig F. A. Wimmer

De Danske RunemindesmærkerUndersøgte og tolkede af Ludv. F. A. Wimmer.  Afbildningerne udførte af J. Magnus Petersen

[The Danish Memorial Runestones.  Investigated and interpreted by L. F. Wimmer. With illustrations by J. Magnus Petersen].  4 volumes in 6. Copenhagen. Gyldendal, 1895-1908.  Hardback. 39.7 x 31 cms.

The first comprehensive survey of Danish runestones which laid the foundations upon which all subsequent generations of scholars have investigated, interpreted and reclassified the vast material.  Petersen (1827-1917) was a Danish copper pointer and artist-archeologist.  His family was of Scottish origin.  He engraved plates on numismatic and natural history subjects, and collaborated with the English periodical Archaeologia.  His work was closely linked to the Museum of Nordic Antiquities and Runic Works.