Carlo Cesare Malvasia's Felsina Pittrice

Volume II: The Lives of Francesco Francia and Lorenzo Costa

 Part One

by Elizabeth Cropper and Lorenzo Pericolo

published by Harvey Miller, 2022

480 pages, 167 colour illustrations. Hardback. 28 x 22cms. 

Reassesing the legacy of Francesco Francia and his disciples, Timoteo Viti (1469 - 1523), Lorenzo Costa (1460 - 1535), and Giovanni Maria Chiodarolo (1480 - 1530) and discussing how their activities promoted the education and social status of painters in Bologna before the foundation of the Carracci Academy in 1582. Including a transcript of the original text, followed by a translation and critical commentary. With a bibliography and an index of persons, works and concepts. 

Ref: 121804


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