The Degas Plasters

Groundbreaking revelations about Degas' sculpture and the Hébrard bronzes

by Gregory Hedberg

Stuttgart: 2023. 391 pages, 400 colour illustrations. Hardback. 30x23cms.

A study of the creation, storage, and casting of Degas' 74 wax sculptures. Four chapters discusses the casts during Degas' lifetime, the dating of the Valsuani plasters; the production of 'The Tub', including evidence of an earlier state; and the casting of the Hébrard bronzes, many completed at Valsuani. Each plaster is depicted from multiple angles in colour plates. The appendix, which can be accessed via a QR code, provides a catalogue raisonné of the plasters, debates on their authenticity and dating, documentation from the foundry, and a study of the 'Little Dancer' plaster. 



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