Jean-Henri Riesener. Cabinetmaker to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Furniture in the Wallace Collection, the Royal Collection and Waddesdon Manor

published by Philip Wilson, 2020

304 pages, profusely illustrated in colour. Hardback. 28 x 23cms. 

A comprehensive study of the life and work of  Jean-Henri Riesener (1734-1806), with a biographical account, a history of his patrons and collectors (Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, George IV, the 4th Marquess of Hartford and the Rothschilds) and an analysis of his materials and techniques (J. Hubner). In all, 4 contributors combine to produce : A detailed catalogue for 30 pieces of furniture; A 'Visual Glossary' of 98 elements of gilt metal; 52 illustrations of marquetery, parquetry and stamps; A biographical list of craftsmen, designers and administrators; and a glossary of technical terms (Butt Joint, Countersink, Loose Tongue Joint et cetera). 

Ref: 120481


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