Regime Change. New Horizons in Islamic Art and Visual Culture

by Christiane Gruber and Bihter Esener 

2024. 160 pages, 120 colour illustrations. Hardback. 24 x 24cms.

Exploring some of the regimes of thought and changing trends that influenced Islamic art: the intentions of patrons, the agency of craftsmen and their responses to previous artistic production. Nine essays address migrating manuscript art in the Sulawesi diaspora geometric style of Qur'anic illumination, the disappearance of annotated Qur'ans under the early Marinids, the division of labour in the production of lampas woven silks, the reception of a late Safavid tiled arcade, later Safavid vases, the clocks of Maydan-i Naqsh-i Jahan in Safavid Isfahan, lithography and its impact on the art of illustration in Iran and Mustafa Kamal's photographs in 1920s Turkish media. 

Ref: 124160  


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