Traditional French Jewellery. Regional Jewellery: Treasured Witnesses of Rural Life in the 18th and 19th Centuries

by Michael C.W Fieggen

published by Michael C.W Fieggen, 2021

304 pages. Over 1,000 colour illustrations. Hardback. 30x23cms. 

A comprehensive reference guide to French regional jewellery and its hallmarks. Twenty-one regions are explored including Alsace, Burgundy, Nivernais and the West Indies. Within each region, pieces of jewellery and accessories - including rings, cape clasps and esclavage necklaces - are illustrated and described in detail. Separate sections are dedicated to the identification of regional crosses including the Huguenot and Jeannette types. With a section dedicated to the classification of 89 hallmarks. In many cases, the list of assay office symbols have been majorly reassessed. 

Ref: 122823


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