Selling your Library

We purchase entire libraries and significant books all over the world. Organizing collection is not a problem.

Over the last 28 years we have annually shipped around 5000 books to exhibit on our stand at Maastricht Fine Art Fair. The experience has taught us efficient and economical ways of bulk-shipping, and this has facilitated the acquisition of libraries in Amsterdam, Baltimore, Basel, Düsseldorf, Geneva, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Santa Monica.

If you are considering selling your library and would like a valuation, the easiest thing to do is to send us photographs.  There is no need to spend time making a list of titles or ISBN numbers.  All we need are clear photos of your shelves, with all the books facing up and the titles /authors clearly readable. If your library is especially large, it would be helpful if you could also take a picture of the room where it is located. Please then send us your photos using WeTransfer, and not by regular email.

Thinking of selling your library?

We buy libraries, in whole or in part, from collectors, curators and dealers across the world.

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