Portrait of Karl Theodor Anton Maria Von Dalberg

 Portrait of Karl Theodor Anton Maria Von Dalberg

c. 1805

Cameo in two-layered white on grey agate mounted as a brooch. A three-quarter portrait facing right, in which Dalberg is shown wearing his robes of office with a cross pendant hanging over his breast.

Most noted for emancipating the Jewish community in Frankfurt and granting them full citizenship, Karl Dalberg (8 February 1744 – 10 February 1817) was a powerful and active statesman first within the Holy Roman Empire, and then Napoleonic Europe. He held a large number of titles during his lifetime, including: Prince-Archbishop of Regensburg, Arch-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire, Bishop of Constance and Worms, Prince-Primate of the Confederation of the Rhine, and Grand Duke of Frankfurt.


44 x 31mm.


 Ex-collection Michel Duchamp (1921-2011)