New Title: Pop Imagery @ Waddington Custot

Oct 23, 2013


Shifting the focus away from Warhol, this beautifully designed exhibition catalogue presents an eclectic selection of artists affiliated with the Pop Art movement, from pioneers such as Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns to lesser known British artists working on the margins, including Patrick Caulfield, Peter Blake and Bill Woodrow. The accompanying essay by Marco Livingstone considers the pop aesthetic across a variety of media, juxtaposing the vibrant sculptures of Claes Oldenburg with the brightly coloured paintings of Rosalyn Drexler. He unites all 14 artists through the recognition of a certain game-playing spirit and thirst for entertainment in their work.

Publication details as follows:

Livingstone, Marco: Pop Imagery.  Exhibition: London, Waddington, 2013. 96 pages, with 34 colour pages. Hardback.  21 x 26.5 cm.£ 18.00

The exhibition runs from 2nd October - 2nd November, with more information to be found here:

Also available:


Wilmerding, John: The Pop Object: The Still Life Tradition in Pop Art.  2013. 288pp., with 90 colour illustrations. Cloth, 25 x 31cms. Accompanies an exhibition of more than 75 important works by artists such as Jim Dine, Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, and many more, examining the presence of still life in Pop's expressions of post-War consumerism.£ 45.00

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